Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How can managers and leaders use problems they face as source of Essay

How can managers and leaders use problems they face as source of learning - Essay Example The report analyse the possibility of using daily organisational issues encountered by managers as a means of learning to facilitate continuous development. In the face of growing business environmental pressures stemming from process of globalization and the advent of the knowledge economy, the demands placed upon managers and leaders to be effective in their relevant functions and roles has increased. Therefore, management and leadership development on a continuous basis has become a prerequisite for staying in business. While management designations may be limited, organisational success would largely upon its ability to develop the managerial and leadership skills at every level of the employee participation. As such skills development is based on a continuous learning process, managers and leaders need to use problems they encounter in everyday operations as a source of learning. In UK alone, the demand for high caliber managers with professional qualifications is in the rise and over 100,000 new management positions are being created as per estimates. But survey statistics points to poor management and leadership skills at all levels and relating `2to many areas such as delegation, choosing appropriate style of management and inability to involve the subordinates in to the decision making process (Managers & Leaders 2002). The report aims to analyse the need for managerial and leadership development and propose a conceptual model for the same. To understand the importance of Management & Leadership development, one should see the distinction between concepts such as management/leadership education or training which is in-effect associated subsidiary aspects of the overall effort of Management & Leadership development. While Management and Leadership education will take more of academic stance, the training will be more related to specific informal and formal delivery

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