Sunday, March 15, 2020

How To Mature Your Publishing Process With Matthew Ankeny

How To Mature Your Publishing Process With Matthew Ankeny Marketers need to think like publishers, and publishers have a lot to teach marketers. Even if you don’t publish a lot of quantity, you do want what you’re publishing to be high in quality. You probably also want to streamline your workflow so you can generate ideas and get your business where you want it. Matthew Ankeny from Gear Patrol is our guest today. I love their content, but what I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from is the process they use to publish their content. If you’re ready to develop your workflow, be more efficient, and publish great content, you won’t want to miss today’s episode! Some of the topics you’ll hear about today include: How often Gear Patrol publishes content and how big the team is that gets all of that great stuff out there, as well as the biggest challenges that come with getting so much content published. The workflow steps for a typical article and why simplicity is important. Tips on coming up with ideas for articles. How the content production and publishing process has evolved and continues to evolve at Gear Patrol. Ways to plan a production schedule and workflow processes.

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