Thursday, November 21, 2019

Female Health Issues Created by the Patriarchal Media Capitalism Assignment

Female Health Issues Created by the Patriarchal Media Capitalism Resulting in Sexploitation of Women - Assignment Example The sexualization of women in media is a major cause behind these health issues. The need to address this problem is dire. THE NEED TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE When young girls see teenage popstars and models, they idolize them and try to imitate them. This imitation takes a dangerous take when these girls try to achieve the same body figures as the models they see in ads. What better example to cite then our very own Barbie doll. When this is topped up by the bombardment of sexual portrayals of women in ads, even those which promote exclusively male products, the poor girls just can’t help it. Any amount of awareness won’t do much unless the problem is nipped in the bud. We need to directly target the big media organizations that earn big bucks and, because of their vested interests, drown most voices of protest. According to the study of the American Psychological Association (Girls) on this issue, the sexploitation like this has negative impacts on the â€Å"cognitive fun ctioning, physical and mental health, and health sexual development† of girls. Cognitive functioning implies self-image problems and confidence in one’s own appearance. Research indicates that girls usually fail to build a health sexual image of them as a result of the influence of sexploitation. ... These are the people, who objectify women because at the end of the day they really are just objects of exploitation for them. This overwhelming corporate greed cannot be taken care of once and for all, but that should never discourage us from taking initiative. Billboards are full of women in few clothes with digitally edited faces and bodies impossible to have in the real world, music videos and movies highly glamourize and sexualize the image of women, even the newscasters seem to be getter sexier by the day. This has become a national and international epidemic. EPMC-MY ACTIVIST GROUP EPMC-End Patriarchal Media Capitalism is an activist organization that we have built to fight the menace of corporate media and force them to stop the objectification of women in such a way that it ends up affecting the health of women. We have chalked out a 5 year strategy to achieve our target of minimizing and eventually eradicating the sexualization of women in media. This mission is to be achie ved through the following important steps: Creating support for the project through publications, web presence, workshops and seminars, awareness programs, celebrities and other possible means. Meeting with celebrities and stars that hold influence over our target audience i.e. young girls, and taking these celebrities on board with us in our mission. Taking help from other activist organizations in digging up technical support. Talking to politically active people to help us campaign for national and international recognition. We would be requiring this recognition to fulfill the most important step. That step is the ultimate creation of a regulatory body that can give out penalties to any corporation or company etc. The regulatory body will have set standards through which

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