Thursday, December 5, 2019

Motivation at Work-Free-Samples for

Question: Recommend Corresponding Solutions to address these Challenges: 1.Rewards 2.Corporate Culture Answer: 1.Rewards The flexible work arrangements are the strategies used by the DBS bank so that the employees can balance the demands of multiple domains. The organization recruits the individuals for their talents. DBS bank imbibes its employees with a sense of purpose, by providing them with training and encouraging them to aim high. This helps in the high performance of the organization where the employees are engaged in work. The Bank provides differentiated employee experiences with learning and development, rewards and recognitions and a work life balance. The organization identifies the skills and abilities of the employees and methods to teach and acquire them (Eversole, Venneberg Crowder, 2012). The organization allows the employees to interact with the employer to solve the problems efficiently. The employers maintain the competitive edge of the organization during the development of the skills to communicate with the people from other culture and background. The organization tries to impr ove the day-to-day interactions between the workers. The main priority of the organization is its continued investment in their employees. The DBS bank is committed to provide a work environment where each employee develops professionally and personally. The organization seeks to create an environment and reward the employees, which allows them to thrive due to their diversity of experience and knowledge (, 2017). 2.Corporate Culture The corporate culture of the DBS bank involves the beliefs and behaviors by which the employees and the management of the organization interact. The organization provides good work life balance with competitive benefits (Alvesson, 2012). The organization develops the traits of the people they hire. The banks People of Purpose volunteer helps to bring value to the life of the employees, engage the employees and leverage their time and skills to give meaningful contribution to the community they are working in. The organization continues investment in their personnel committed to provide for an inclusive work environment where the employees develop professionally and personally. The company has the ability to attract and retain the best talent that is required for continued success. The companys efforts to build a great workplace have paid off (, 2017). The organization creates the long-lasting partnership with their employees and customers through flexible work environment and great team interaction. The employees are enabled to think, act and help the customers by the employers of the organization (Svennevig, 2012). The company takes pride in manner in which they perform their business and is recognized for their commitment, innovation and sense of empowerment. The organization has an inclusive work environment that encompasses work gender diversity and a multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce. References Alvesson, M. (2012).Understanding organizational culture. Sage. (2017).Sustainability | DBS Retrieved 10 August 2017, from Eversole, B. A., Venneberg, D. L., Crowder, C. L. (2012). Creating a flexible organizational culture to attract and retain talented workers across generations.Advances in Developing Human Resources,14(4), 607-625. Svennevig, J. (2012). Interaction in workplace meetings.Discourse studies,14(1), 3-10.

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